Blackjack Strategy – Blackjack Tips

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images-12There are many blackjack tips floating around but not many may really let out any secrets. Remember, gambling is more fun when you know what you are doing but what is most important is to learn how to do the right thing. Suppose you are a novice and see a $100 minimum blackjack game at one casino. However, you see a $10 minimum game advertised at another casino. Your natural tendency would be to go for the $10 game. In the long run that would not be a good move if you are familiar with basic strategy. The $10 game won’t turn out to be the cheaper game because there are bound to be terrible rules and playoffs that can cost you as much as 25 cents a hand. In the $100 game you make about 20 cents for every $100 and then there are some lucrative bonuses as well. So, which do you play? That depends on your bankroll and the house advantage.

One of the other blackjack tips to pay attention to is finding a seat at a table. The game actually begins by selecting a seat at the blackjack table, which is usually for five to seven players. Never assume that an empty seat is for your taking unless some player is playing two hands. You will always be better off finding a table that is nearly full. In some cases, you may be able to join a game in progress if the rules permit. The game is usually quicker with a few players although the number of players doesn’t affect the odds much. One of the advantages of a fuller table is that you have time to think about each hand without any pressure.

When it comes to blackjack tips and seeking a table, here is a rule to follow for single-deck tables. Your chances of winning increase with a single-deck game so it would be wise to choose a casino with fewer decks. The usually policy at casinos is to feature 6 or more decks but you will still find some offering one-deck of 52 cards games.

You ought to learn how to spot tables with favorable rules. Some changes to the rules benefit players. It would be prudent to look for games with rules such as ‘dealer stands on soft 17’ and ‘surrender’. If you have any doubts then ask the dealer for a brief of the rules at the current table.

Another important factor is to consider the table bet levels. Look for the maximum and minimum betting limits. Every table has fixed limits which are usually posted on a sign located on the right of the dealer. As a beginner, look for the lowest minimum table. By making smaller bets you reduce the risk of getting into trouble. The bottom line is to bet small until you understand the game better and have built up a bankroll through winnings and not by dipping into your savings. Besides, at a table with low minimum bets you are not likely to encounter a high roller.

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Blackjack Strategy – Variations

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Blackjack is one of the most popular table games in casinos. It is not surprising that there are different variations of the game. Most variations of Blackjack games feature different types of payouts and special bonus bets.

Blackjack Switch

One of the popular variants is Blackjack Switch which includes a side-bet. In this game you place a bet that the cards in your hand contain a pair, 3 of a kind, 2 pairs, or 4 of a kind with odds up to 40/1. The game is relatively where players are dealt two hands instead of one. Players are allow to exchange the top two cards between hands. Four, six or eight 52-card decks are shuffled together prior to dealing. There are two betting boxes for each playing position where the initial bets must be the same.

Face Up 21

images-15Other popular Blackjack games include Face Up 21, where the dealer wins all ties. One of the advantages of the game is you get to see both of the dealers cards instead of one. This allows you to make a quicker decision to stand or hit. You can surrender your hand if you do not like it. The game involves eight regular decks of cards. However, casinos have the liberty to set the number of decks for a particular game. You can split any two cards with equal value to place an additional bet the same amount of your initial wager. On any 9, 10 or 11 you can Double Down, which is also an option after splitting. The Dealer is required to Hit on a hard total of 16 or less and Stand on a total of 17 or more. Another rule is that the Dealer Hits on a soft total of 17 or less and Stands on a total soft total of 18 or more. The computer will automatically Hit for you when the dealer is forced to Stand on the first deal. This rule is designed since you can see both the dealer’s cards and are aware of the numbers you need to beat. There is even money for a Blackjack hand and a 2-1 for a winning insurance bet. The House Edge in eight deck games is 0.85%.

In Blackjack games like Face Up 21, it is important to find a casino that offers the least number of decks. The house edge automatically increases with more decks in play. It would be wise to surrender only when strategy demands so or else you can be on the wrong side of the house edge. No matter what type of Blackjack games you play, it is important to practice and watch tutorial videos and guides. This will make you a better player and reach a point where you could challenge the pros. Choose an online casino with a healthy selection of Blackjack games so that have the opportunity to select those you are comfortable playing and have mastered over a period.

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Blackjack Strategy – Card Counting

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There was a time when craps was the most popular casino games. However, Blackjack took over after an MIT professor developed a system for Blackjack card counting. The game is undoubtedly one of skill and the way you play your cards and vary bets can spell the difference between success and failure. However, the complexities of counting still left players often on the losing side. Many players still do not know how to play their hands correctly. The main thing is to study basic strategy, possibly through a simulated model to learn how to play each hand of Blackjack. If you wish to win more consistently then you ought to learn Blackjack card counting.

images1The objective of card counting in blackjack is to determine if a player or dealer has an advantage in the next hand. It allows you as a player to risk less and bet more. It is the best way to cut losses in an unfavorable count. When you become skilled at blackjack card counting you will be able to quickly adapt play and make decision on the spur of the moment based on the card combination of the remaining cards. The best part is there is no complex formula while you don’t have to keep track of the cards dealt.

In blackjack, cards of all suits between 2 and 6 are counted as plus 1. On the other hand, 7, 8 and 9 are of zero value. 10, J, Q, K, and Ace are minus 1. In the event of a high count, it is likely that the remainder of the decks contain cards with a high face value. What you need to do here is bet the table minimum until the count reaches plus 5 or even plus 10 if you are a more conservative player. A count of over 10 is an indication that it could be the right time to double down.

The practice of blackjack card counting is frowned upon by casinos, who may even ban a player if they find him suspect. For the most part, it cannot be considered cheating even though a player skilled at counting is treated like a cheater. Counting puts the odds in your favor where the house edge is destroyed when the deck is rich in face cards. What you do is keep track of the cards as the dealer shows them to count the show down.

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ClickAndBuy Casinos

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ClickandBuy is a convenient payment method for players at online casinos. Apart from being able to deposit and withdraw money there are many other benefits of using the service. Most online casinos offer this payment type, while the company guarantees the safety and security for transactions that players make. Security is one of the major concerns in online transactions. However, ClickandBuy is regulated by the Financial Services Authority in the UK, the regulatory body that ensures that services like ClickandBuy operate with the highest standards of safety and security. ClickandBuy casinos only receive approval after a stringent selection process.

images-9ClickandBuy offers members a host of benefits, which includes support for around 30 currencies. Transactions that players make at ClickandBuy casinos are displayed in the player’s currency to that they can keep track of their finances. The amount authorized at the time of the transaction is the amount that is transferred with any extra fee. It is easy for members to customize their account and set spending limits. This is one of the biggest benefits when you consider gambling at ClickandBuy casinos so that you don’t have the temptation to overspend.

Some ClickandBuy casinos may only accept the payment method for deposits while players are also allowed t withdraw as well. Prior to signing up at a casino it is important to check whether a site allows deposits as well as withdrawals. For the convenience of customers, ClickandBuy offers over 40 different methods of payment to fund their account. With 14 million customers, ClickandBuy is undoubtedly a popular payment method. With a click of a button you can transfer funds from your bank or credit card via your ClickandBuy account to ClickandBuy casinos. Transactions are conducted with a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) system so that your account details are safe. All it takes is a onetime registration to conduct as many transactions as you desire without having to enter your personal credit or debit card details every time you choose to play.

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Casino Gambling

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All online casinos out there can be separated into two large groups depending on their software: pure web-based and download-only casinos. Some of them even have the options to choose between the two types.

Web Based Online Casino

Web-based online casinos are gambling sites also known by the name flash casinos are web pages that offer various casino games which can be played directly on the site. Usually games are opened with the use of some kind of a plug-in like Macromedia Flash, Macromedia Shockwave, or Java depending of the browser that you have previously installed.

Online Casinos

Deposit Bonus


1. Vegas Days Online Casino 300% Deposit Bonus Claim & Play
2. Strike It Lucky Online Casino 20$ Free Bonus Claim & Play
3. Party Casino Online
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4. Virtual City OnlineCasino
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Download Only Online Casino

Download-based online casinos are different because you need to download their gambling software in order to make bets or wagers. After the software is downloaded, you can play without using a browser. They run faster and there are rarely gameplay problems in comparison to web-based casino sites. The bad side is that the initial download and installation will take some of your free time.

Online Casino Game Variants

The games offered online are similar with those in regular casinos, but because of the development of web design and software there is the opportunity to develop various type of games with different graphics. Creating casino games is one of the most creative processes in online gambling. There are two basic groups of game variants: live casino games and virtual casinos. As time passes by the crossover between these two groups become more and more often. Today casinos tend to offer large number of live games or tournaments for their gambling audience. The reason for this is to provide top customer experience and simulate real life gambling conducted in real casinos.

Virtual Casino Gambling

download-16Virtual casino games are there from the very beginnings of online gambling. In this type of game the player is alone with the software and doesn’t know what other players are wagering or what are their potential winnings. The biggest problem here is that very often players feel like they are being conned because they think nobody is winning at that particular game. But reality is different; the outcome of each casino game is determined by tightly regulated software called Random Number Generator. This means that each player that is gambling at a casino has equal chances of winning. RNG is a type of algorithm which provides great unpredictability of the outcome and fairness to players. It is programmed to give back around 80% to 98% of the wagers made in winnings to players. eCOGRA is a regulatory body that keeps track if casinos use this system properly.

Live Casino Gambling

Live casino games are the future of online gambling. They can be used for various types of games, most often for card and table games and cannot be useful when playing slot machines. Usually the live department of an online casino has live dealer software and video communication between the players and the casino. The most common types of live casino is the blackjack tables and poker rooms. Today a popular thing among players is poker tournaments. The reason that live gambling is not fully developed by casinos is the high maintenance cost. But the best part of live gambling at online casino is the experience offered to customers because this type of games bring them even closer to the “real deal.”

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The Rise Of Bingo

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For those who are not familiar with the game of Bingo it is a pure game of chance. Players have a predetermined ticked and are waiting for a certain amount of numbers to be pulled out of a bingo machine. They have all the numbers on the ticket but they are separated in different sections consisted of rows. The pay lines depend on the place of the numbers pronounced and the timing. For example, there is Bingo Jackpot until the 36th number. The UK version of the Bingo is slightly different. There are also various other types of Bingo.

Rise to Fame

Bingo became very popular part of online casinos in the past few years. This happened with the rise of regular Bingo played in bingo halls and bingo sold in newspapers. The UK is a good example for this. Nearly ten years ago there were only 20 sites operated in the kingdom that offered Bingo. Today that number has reached about 350 sites where you can play Bingo.

Connecting People Online

download-8-300x107When you mention bingo you automatically think about full hall of people putting circles on their tickets so any connection with online gambling would sound odd. But online gambling sites have recognized the opportunity and that a niche market exists so they have taken a full advantage of this. Online gambling sites that offer Bingo to their players are targeting the women and elder people market with their commercials. It is proven that this is the most common profile of a Bingo player. Also, with the rise of Internet bandwidth coverage and culture today it is a common thing to see a grandmother or grandfather sitting in front of the computer and playing Bingo.

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Top Ten Casino Tips

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  1. Research the game offer before playing – Choose carefully which game you want to play and after that learn the rules. If you are a beginner it is a good tip to use a guide for the particular game.
  1. Trust the casino – This means that you need to be sure that the casino where you will wager your money is secure and safe. This is the case with casinos that have a large customer base and positive reviews.14
  1. Don’t rush with the bonuses – Read the terms and conditions that apply to each bonus before retaining it. Learn how big the rollover requirement is and are there any time restrictions. This is pretty important tip especially when depositing large amounts of money.
  1. Hit the jackpots – Always search for the biggest jackpot out there at any casino. This is important because your chances of winning are determined by the random number generator principle so they are the same at each machine.
  1. Know your limits – Before depositing money to your online casino account set a limit and add that sum using your limited debit card. It is not preferable to use a credit card because you can end up paying out gambling debts to your bank.
  1. Secure banking – Secure banking is always a must when choosing your casino gaming provider. Usually casinos which are affiliated with major credit card providers are a good place to be.
  1. Understand the nature of the games – It is true that some casino games favor the house while others will pay out more often. Research what are those games and take advantage of that.
  1. Free rolls and free buy-ins – Practice at free games or tournaments before you make your first real money wager. It is good to know how good you really are before taking a risk at an online casino.
  1. Everything is in positive series – It is a common mistake to stop playing after a bad run of wagers or bets. Every casino game has its payout percentage so at the end they must pay out. Be smart with your wagers and don’t stop playing because of bad string of results.
  1. Have fun and enjoy yourself – Probably the most important tip when playing at an online casino.
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Gambling Risks

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With the development of new gaming software and Internet connection technologies the online gambling market has increased significantly, but also the various risks connected with it became a common thing. There are several groups of major reasons when talking about risks with online gambling:

• Risks from personal information or money theft

• Risks from security breach

• Risks from online predators

• Risks from viruses

Risk From Personal Information Theft

download-5When player creates an account at a gambling site he needs to provide certain personal information in order to confirm his identity. Most of the online casinos and bookmakers provide top protection using various methods like secure encryption and services from online security companies but there still can be identity theft made by hackers. The very basic customer information is very valuable on the Internet to certain companies in order to build their customer base.

Risk For Money Transaction Issues

This is probably the biggest problem that online gambling sites face when talking about risk. Customers provide banking accounts and credit card data in order to transfer money to their gambling account. If this information is acquired in any way by a third party, then there can be financial repercussions for the customer. It could happen that a third party will clean all of the money out of their bank accounts.

Risk From Security Breach

This type of risk is connected with the online gambling institution. If a third party is able to hack their site, then they control their customer base and all the money transactions. Not only that they can get all the money from the customers’ accounts, but can also maintain the web site in satisfying their purposes for a certain period of time.

Risk From Online Predators

Online gambling is becoming more popular in recent times and it becomes a type of a social network for players that gamble. You don’t personally know the players that you play with at an online casino. As in any other type of online social structure here are also people that will want to use your personal information to gain some unfair advantage over you.

Risk From Viruses

This is the technical part of the whole thing. There is a risk that some type of virus can harm your computer and at the end steal important information while gambling online. In modern times this has been highly regulated by security and antivirus companies.

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Mobile Gambling

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When online gambling started to develop who could predict that one day players would be able to play their favorite games on the go. Today mobile apps are a normal thing for lots of people. With smart phones using Apple iOS or Android users can download thousands of useful applications. Among them are lots of mobile gambling apps and software. This surely presents the future of gambling. We need to look a little bit more back in time to see the real reason of the mobile gambling success today. It is known that online gambling had a big part in the evolution of Internet bandwidth and gaming software. So these two things became a cornerstone for developing a successful mobile gaming market in the future.

Why Do Casinos Have Mobile Applications

download-1Almost every casino today has made a version of their site or a special application that can open on mobile devices. The reason for this is that in this way people can spend even more time in front of the online gambling site. You can do anything with your phone: create a casino site account, create a bank account, transfer money, download gambling manuals, wager money on your favorite gambling games, etc.

Future Of Mobile Applications

In the near future we can see these types of applications taking over the online gambling market. The reason for this is the fun factor. It is really enjoyable to gamble with real money using your phone or tablet device. Also, scientific research shows that mobile gambling has an exponential growth rate in recent times. Maybe one day there will be only mobile gaming available. This sounds strange, but just think how strange was to put a dime online on gambling events and games just 15 years ago.

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Secure Gambling

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Before talking if online gambling is secure we need to address the possible risks when wagering real money at an online gambling site. Some of the most common security problems with all online gambling sites include:

  • Third parties hacking your account so they can use it for their own purposes. Techniques include phishing, spyware or self revealing.
  • Fake websites with fraudulent nature.
  • Fake bonuses or higher payout promises made by the same sites in order to lure players.
  • Gambling addiction. The player is the only one responsible for this problem.
  • Credit card fees and charges. Some companies see this as a cash transaction so various fees can be added when wagering money online.
  • Social network effect. When playing live at online gambling sites it presents the most unsafe way of communication with other players.

Steps to Secure Your Online Gambling Experience

Here we will look into few steps that will make your online gambling experience safer than before. Here are few things that you should try:

  • Research the gambling site before making any transactions with real money to your online account. Probably you will get the best advice from a friend that has used their services in the past. After that check out the web for information but use only proven sites.
  • Use sites that are based in your country or near. You will get faster transactions and support on your language or one similar with yours.
  • Learn the rules of the game that you want to play and read carefully the terms and conditions of the potential bonuses you want to retain.
  • Try not to reveal personal information when choosing your username which is visible to everyone.
  • Combine letters, numbers and capitalization when creating your password.
  • Play few hands for free of the game you want to proceed playing at the online casino. This doesn’t make it only more secure for you but you will get needed practice.
  • Be sure that the link of the site is secure before making any money deposits at the online gambling site.
  • Log out before you leave the casino.
  • Check your bank statements every week to make sure that there are no additional amounts withdrawn by the gambling site without your knowledge.
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